March 11, 2011

New Stuff: Smallville S04, The Flash S01 (3/10)

Went to Wallmart today and picked myself up some TV seasons, Smallville Season 4 and The Flash Complete Series.

Season 4

I'll need to buy the rest of Smallville once I get some money. I choose this season because its where I'm at in the show. I've watched the first three seasons in the past few days and finished season 3, as well as began season 4 today. I actually just finished watching episode 5 of it because I wanted to see Bart Allen before heading off to bed. My goal is to watch all the seasons before the series finale. Its a fantastic series and I can't believe I am only now watching it. As a comic book fan, I get all the references and notice all the irony and foreshadowing. I can't wait to end to bed so I can continue watching them tomorrow.

The Flash
Complete Series

My dad keeps telling me how bad The Flash TV series is and I'm quiet aware of it, as well as all the incorrect details such as Barry Allen's hair colour, the cut of the mask, Tina McGee and Linda Park being included in the story when it isn't about Wally West, as well as Iris Allen not being the romantic interest. But even if the details of the story and characters as well as the special effects are where I wish they were I still enjoy it. The DC loving geek in me just tells the The Flash loving geek that it just takes place on another Earth, which in the DC universe would make complete sense. I hope the 2013 Flash movie will be more enjoyable and not toy with me like the TV series and our love/hate relationship.

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