March 23, 2011

Comic Book Shopping (3/21)

Went comic book shopping at Comic Book Shoppe (Clyde Ave.) with VeganHam on Monday cause I really needed to get out of the house. I bought a few and VeganHam treated me to Batman and Robin Deluxe Edition vol.1: Batman Reborn. I only spent $20.90.


  • 50% off on back issues
Clock And Dagger (vol.4) #1
Mar '09

Avengers: The Children's Crusade (vol.1) #1 (of 9)
Sep '10

Young Avengers Presents (vol.1) #3 (of 6)
May '08

Red Robin (vol.1) #21
May '11

Teen Titans: Year One (vol.1) #2 (of 6)
Apr '08

Teen Titans: Year One (vol.1) #3 (of 6)
May '08

Justice League: Rise And Fall Special (vol.1) #1
May '10

Justice League: The Rise Of Arsenal (vol.1) #2 (of 4)
Jun '10

Batman And Robin (vol.1) Batman Reborn (The Deluxe Edition)
Apr '10

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